24/7 phone support

24-7 Phone Support is a service for tourists that is designed to solve the problems that a foreigner could have during the period of stay.
What type of help could be obtained:

  • Emergency help. Got lost? Got in trouble? Explain your problem and we will direct you.
  • Translation help. Need to explain some complicated concept on the fly and have no translator beside and the person does not understand you. Call us, explain what you need and pass the mobile phone to the needed person.
  • Party and coming events help. What to do tonight? Where is the party at? What disco club to go to? How to get there? What restaurant is worth to go to? What reputation does it have? When and where is ballet, concert, any cultural event? Where to buy tickets?
  • Guiding help. What are the cool places to visit? Where can you find the real belarusian spirit? What exhibitions and galleries are worth visiting?
  • Solving other problems. Having problems with communication with belarusians? Somebody acts strange? Ask us, we explain why and what to do.

24-7 phone support is a service that is really worth taking when you visit Belarus. It allows you being independent and at the same time being confident while you stay in Belarus. You won’t waste your time asking and looking for the places to see and to visit. You make a call and you get directions. Our Belarus phone support service is friendly, we give independent opinions and clear advices as we do for our friends. There are no hidden costs, except that the number is a paid international number and some special rates of your carrier may apply. To know the exact rate, please, contact your provider.

24 hours – 10 euro free now!

We have special offer: first 48 hours – 15 euro , 1 week – 35 euro. free now!