Apartment Booking Service

When you plan your stay in Belarus you have two options book a room in a hotel or book an appartment.

There can be a long discussion why booking an apartment is better than a hotel, but there are a few key points to consider:

  • quality of the service and rooms offered. Unfortunately many hotels offer low quality service and rooms are furnished with 20 year old equipment. You will understand that at the time you enter the room. To be sure about the service quality you are constrained to book at least ****(4-star) hotel.
  • strict guest policies. There is a strong tendency to control your guests arrival and leave time. You cannot have anybody in your room after 11 p.m. otherwise you are to pay the full amount of one night stay.
  • overpriced hotel services. There are official 2 prices, one for Belarus citizens, another for foreigners which is double at least. If you compare the price of a single room in **** hotel with the price of the same quality apartment the difference is double if not triple. For example, a normal single room in **** hotel will cost you from 100 to 120 euro depending on the season, the same quality appartment will cost you 35 to 50 euro. You can get 3-4 room luxury apartment for the same price.

The most popular hotels in Minsk are:
Crowne Plaza Hotel. Minsk Crowne Plaza Hotel is situated in the business and cultural center of the city. This 5-star hotel can be considered as one of the best hotels in Minsk.
Address: 13 Kirova St. Average price for a single standard room is 240 EUR
Europe Hotel. Minsk Europe Hotel is exclusive and the most expensive five-star hotel is carried out in Modern Style of the beginning of the XX century and situated in the historical and cultural center of Minsk.
Address: Internatsionalnaya St., 28 A. Average price is 300 EUR
Victoria Hotel. Minsk Victoria Hotel is a new four-star hotel that is located in calm district of Minsk, at the bank of the Svisloch River, but not too far from the central part of the city.
Address: Pobediteley Ave., 59. Average price is 150 EUR.
Minsk Hotel. Minsk Hotel is the first high-standard four-star hotel is located in the central part of Minsk, on Nezavisimosti Avenue, next to the Independence Square and the Red Church.
Address: Nezavisimosti Ave., 11. Average price 220 EUR.
Belarus Hotel. Minsk Belarus Hotel is a three-star hotel that has a perfect location on the bank of the Svisloch River in the very center of the city and at the same time in isolation from urban noise. The location is perfect though we do not advice it as service quality is low.
Address: Storozhevskaya St., 15. Average price 70 EUR.
Planeta Hotel. Minsk Planeta Hotel is a three-star hotel that is situated in 5 minutes walk from business and cultural center of Minsk. Can be considered too overpriced for old 30 year old equipment.
Address: Pobediteley Ave., 31. Average price 80 EUR.
Yubileinaya Hotel. Minsk Yubileinaya Hotel is a three-star hotel that is conveniently situated in the very center of the Belarus capital. One of the cheapest and should be considered if you are really up to save and suffer during your vacation.
Address: Pobediteley Ave., 19. Average price 60 EUR.

The prices in Minsk hotels are incredible and this is the reason why Minsk is sometimes considered to be really expensive. Unless you are in a business trip and your company is paying your stay renting an apartment is much more reasonable than staying in a hotel. You get better quality for lower price (3 times lower than staying in hotel) and we are ready to help you with that.

What exactly we can do for you? We book the apartment, negotiate the price which can go down for about 20-30% in case you stay for more than 3 days, take care of your specific requests, do the necessary shopping before your arrival. We work directly with concrete and discrete apartment owners to ensure the best quality/money ratio and your satisfaction. All you need is to contact us, provide us with the information concerning the apartment you would like to rent, your preferences, location, equipment. And then to choose from the list of apartments complying with your request the one that fits you.

We offer 1-room appartments starting at 35 euro per night. An example of such an appartment you can see below(double bed, air conditioning, satelite TV, fridge, other necessary electric equipment)
2-3 room appartments are also at you disposal. The prices start at 60 euro per night. An example you can see below(double bed, air conditioning, satelite TV, Jacuzzi, etc.).
If you are travelling in a company your choice may be a 3+ room appartment. The prices start at 90 euro per night. An example below(3 double beds, Two LCD TV-sets, Home Theatre, Air Conditioner, Sattelite TV, High speed internet, Coffee Machine).
Locations that are offered are always central, the prices change(earlier you book lower offer we can find for you).