Embassy Locations

Belarus Embassy and Consulate Locations by Country

Please, note that if you do not see any contact details, then there is no Belarus Embassy in your Country. What to do in such case? It can be useful to check for the remarks for each country as practical advice is given. We update advices basing on our experience and visitors feedback. Where to apply for visa in such case? The best way is to apply directly in Belarus, but just make sure you have all the documents prepared in advance. The procedure and requirements are presented on our site and let us assure you that all these formalities can be resolved with our help.
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Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with A

Belarus Embassy in Afghanistan (Visa Consulate in Kabul)
Afghanistan citizens may apply in Minsk-2 Airport upon arrival or apply in any other country that has Belarus Diplomatic mission.

Belarus Embassy in Albania (Visa Consulate in Tirane)
Visitors coming from Albania are advised to submit their documents in Minsk-2 Airport.

Belarus Embassy in Algeria (Visa Consulate in Algiers)
Algerian Tourists can ask for visa in Minsk-2 Consulate office upon arrival.

Belarus Embassy in Andorra (Visa Consulate in Andorra la Vella)
You can apply for visa in neighbor countries or upon landing in Minsk Airport.

Belarus Embassy in Angola (Visa Consulate in Luanda)
Angola travelers should ask for visa in Minsk-2 Airport, we ship the documents to you home address for you to board.

Belarus Embassy in Argentina (Visa Consulate in Buenos Aires)
Address: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Cazadores 2166, CP 1428
Phone: (+54) 11 47889394
Fax: (+54) 11 47882322
E-mail: argentina@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Armenia (Visa Consulate in Yerevan)
Address: 375028 Armenia, Yerevan, Nicola Dumana str., 12-14
Phone: (+374) 10 27 56 11, (+374) 10 22 02 69
Fax: (+374) 10 26 03 84
E-mail: armenia@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Australia (Visa Consulate in Canberra)
If you are coming from Australia you may apply for visa directly in the Airport.

Belarus Embassy in Austria (Visa Consulate in Vienna)
Address: Huttelbergstrasse 6, A-1140, Wien, Osterreich
Phone: (+43) 1419 9630
Fax: (+43) 1419 9630
Email: austria@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Azerbaijan (Visa Consulate in Baku)
Address: Genclik, Kral Huseyn kucesi, 64, Baku, AZ 1069, Azerbaijan
Phone: (+994) 12 436 46 38
Fax: (+994) 12 436 46 37
E-mail: azerbaijan@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in The Bahamas (Visa Consulate in Nassau)
Visitors from Bahamas usually get their application processed upon arrival.

Belarus Embassy in Bahrain (Visa Consulate in Manama)
Bahrain citizens may request their entrance visa in Minsk-2 Airport Diplomatic Representation.

Belarus Embassy in Bangladesh (Visa Consulate in Dhaka)
You may submit your documents to Belarus Embassy in India.

Belarus Embassy in Barbados (Visa Consulate in Bridgetown)
Barbados visitors are encouraged to submit their documents by post to the neighboring country that has Belarus Embassy.


Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with B

Embassy in Belarus (Visa Consulate in Minsk)
Visa Consulate in the Airport is designed for countries where Belarus has no representations and thus you can apply for visa upon arrival in Consulate office in the Minsk-2 Airport. Upon arrival you will see the necessary indications. Please, also note that this is the only place where you may get your visa affixed after you enter Belarus territory. Any request done in other places like border crossing point, any other airport, etc. will be refused. To renew or prolong your visa stay you are allowed to request in Local Immigration office.

Belarus Embassy in Belgium (Visa Consulate in Brussels)
Address: Avenue Moliere 192, 1050 Ixelles, Brussel, Belgium
Phone: (+32) 2340-02-70
Fax: (+32) 2340-02-87
E-mail: embbel@skynet.be,belgium@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Belize (Visa Consulate in Belmopan)
Belize citizens are encouraged to send their requests for visa in Belarus Representation of other countries.

Belarus Embassy in Benin (Visa Consulate in Porto-Novo)
If you are coming from Benin, you can submit your request upon arrival.

Belarus Embassy in Bhutan (Visa Consulate in Thimphu)
Bhutan citizens usually get their visa in Minsk-2 Airport, though you are to arrive by plane.

Belarus Embassy in Bolivia (Visa Consulate in La Paz)
Bolivian citizens may ask for visa in neighbor countries or directly upon landing.

Belarus Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Visa Consulate in Sarajevo)
Bosnian travelers may make an appointment in neighboring countries and follow the visa process their.

Belarus Embassy in Botswana (Visa Consulate in Gaborone)
Botswana visitors may have their request processed after arrival to Minsk Airport.

Belarus Embassy in Brazil (Visa Consulate in Rio de Janeiro)
Address: rua Lauro Muller, 116, sala 603, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil CEP 22290-160
Phone: (+55) 21 25 41 22 15
Fax: (+55) 21 22 44 72 08
E-mail: consuladodebelarus@terra.com.br

Belarus Embassy in Brunei (Visa Consulate in Bandar Seri Begawan)
Brunei travelers may present their dossier for visa in neighbor countries.
Belarus Embassy in Bulgaria (Visa Consulate in Sofia)
Address: Lozenets, Kokiche str., 20, 1421 Sofia
Phone: (+359) 2 8103592 , (+359) 2 9634023
Fax: (+359) 2 9634023
Belarus Embassy in Burkina Faso (Visa Consulate in Ouagadougou)
Burkina Faso foreigners are adviced to claim their Belarus visa in Minsk Airport Consulate office after arrival.

Belarus Embassy in Burundi (Visa Consulate in Bujumbura)
People coming from should apply for Belarus visa in Minsk Airport Consulate office upon arrival.


Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with C

Belarus Embassy in Cambodia (Visa Consulate in Phnom Penh)
Guests from Cambodia can apply for visa in Minsk Consulate office after landing.

Belarus Embassy in Cameroon (Visa Consulate in Yaounde)
Cameroon nationals may get their visa application processed in the Airport Visa office after arrival.

Belarus Embassy in Canada (Visa Consulate in Ottawa)
Address: 600-130 Albert Street,Ottawa, Ontario, К1P 5G4, Canada
Phone: (+1 613) 233 99 94
Fax: (+1 613) 233 85 00
E-mail: canada@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Cape Verde (Visa Consulate in Praia)
Cape Verde travelers should get their Belarus visa in the nearest Embassy of Belarus.

Belarus Embassy in Central African Republic (Visa Consulate in Bangui)
Citizens of CAR can apply for Belarus visa in the closest Consulate of Belarus.

Belarus Embassy in Chad (Visa Consulate in N’Djamena)
People coming from can get their visa in the closest Embassy of Belarus or in Minsk Airport.

Belarus Embassy in Chile (Visa Consulate in Santiago)
Travelers coming from Chile should apply for visa in the nearest Embassy of Belarus.

Belarus Embassy in China (Visa Consulate in Beijing)
Address: №1, Dong Yi Jie, Ri Tan Lu, Beijing 100600, China
Phone: (+86) 10 65 32 16 91
Fax:(+86) 10 65 32 64 17
E-mail: china@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Colombia (Visa Consulate in Bogota)
Colombian citizens may consider to apply in person in the Diplomatic representations of Belarus in neighbor countries.

Belarus Embassy in Comoros (Visa Consulate in Moroni)
No information or advice available.

Belarus Embassy in Republic of the Congo (Visa Consulate in Brazzaville)
Congo visitors may choose where to do their visa process as there is no embassy in Congo.

Belarus Embassy in Democratic Republic of the Congo (Visa Consulate in Kinshasa)
The same applies to DRC citizens.

Belarus Embassy in Costa Rica (Visa Consulate in San Jose)
Costa Rica people can arrive and get their visa in Minsk Airport Visa point.

Belarus Embassy in Croatia (Visa Consulate in Zagreb)
Can choose whether to fly directly to Minsk or in case crossing the border by car then send their application to closest Diplomatic Representation of Belarus.

Belarus Embassy in Cuba (Visa Consulate in Havana)
Address: Ave/ 5ta, № 6405, e/64 y 66, Miramar, Playa, La Habana, Cuba
Phone: (+537) 204 73 30, 204 73 31
Fax: (+537) 204 73 32
E-mail: cuba@belembassy.org, belarus@enet.cu
Belarus Embassy in Cyprus (Visa Consulate in Nicosia)
Belarus Embassy in Czech Republic (Visa Consulate in Prague)
Address: Sadky str., 626, 171 00 Praha 7, Prague
Phone: (+420) 233 540 899
Fax: (+420) 233 540 925
E-mail: czech@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with D

Belarus Embassy in Denmark (Visa Consulate in Copenhagen)
Depending on the mode of travel Denmark citizens can turn to nearest Embassy or have their visa directly in Minsk2 Airport

Belarus Embassy in Djibouti (Visa Consulate in Djibouti)
No information available at this time.

Belarus Embassy in Dominica (Visa Consulate in Roseau)
People of Dominica may turn to Belarus embassy in neighbor countries.
Belarus Embassy in Dominican Republic (Visa Consulate in Santo Domingo)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with E

Belarus Embassy in Ecuador (Visa Consulate in Quito)
If you come from Ecuador, please, check for the closest Belarus embassy to your country.
Belarus Embassy in Egypt (Visa Consulate in Cairo)
Address: 26, Gaber Ebn Hayan str., Dokki-Giza, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: (+20 2) 3338 95 45, 3749 91 71
Fax: (+20 2) 3338 95 45
E-mail: egypt@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in El Salvador (Visa Consulate in San Salvador)
Belarus Embassy in Equatorial Guinea (Visa Consulate in Malabo)
Belarus Embassy in Eritrea (Visa Consulate in Asmara)
Belarus Embassy in Estonia (Visa Consulate in Tallinn)
Address: Tallinn
Phone: 651 55 00
Fax: 655 80 01
E-mail: estonia@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Ethiopia (Visa Consulate in Addis Ababa)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with F

Belarus Embassy in Fiji (Visa Consulate in Suva)
No information available at this moment.
Belarus Embassy in Finland (Visa Consulate in Helsinki)
Belarus Embassy in France (Visa Consulate in Paris)
Address: 38, Boulevard Suchet, 75016 Paris, France
Phone: (+33) 144-146-979, (+33) 144-146-975
Fax: (+33) 144-146-970
E-mail: france@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with G

Belarus Embassy in Gabon (Visa Consulate in Libreville)
Belarus Embassy in The Gambia (Visa Consulate in Banjul)
Belarus Embassy in Georgia (Visa Consulate in Tbilisi)
Belarus Embassy in Germany (Visa Consulate in Berlin)
Address: Fritz-Schaffer-Strasse 20, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Phone: (+49) 228 201 13 10
Fax: (+49) 228 201 13 19, 201 13 39
E-mail: bonn@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Ghana (Visa Consulate in Accra)
Belarus Embassy in Greece (Visa Consulate in Athens)
Belarus Embassy in Grenada (Visa Consulate in Saint George’s)
Belarus Embassy in Guatemala (Visa Consulate in Guatemala City)
Belarus Embassy in Guinea (Visa Consulate in Conakry)
Belarus Embassy in Guinea-Bissau (Visa Consulate in Bissau)
Belarus Embassy in Guyana (Visa Consulate in Georgetown)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with H

Belarus Embassy in Haiti (Visa Consulate in Port-au-Prince)
Belarus Embassy in Honduras (Visa Consulate in Tegucigalpa)
We have no information at this moment.
Belarus Embassy in Hungary (Visa Consulate in Budapest)
Address: Agardi ut 3/B, 1126 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: (+36) 12 14 05 53
Fax: (+36)12 14 05 54
E-mail: hungary@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with I

Belarus Embassy in Iceland (Visa Consulate in Reykjavik)
Belarus Embassy in India (Visa Consulate in New Delhi)
Address: 163, Jor Bagh, New Delhi – 110003, India
Phone: (+91) 11 24 69 45 18
Fax: (+91) 11 24 69 70 29
E-mail: india@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Indonesia (Visa Consulate in Jakarta)
Belarus Embassy in Iran (Visa Consulate in Tehran)
Address: 1, Zafaranieyh Ave., Tehran, P.C. 19887, Iran
Phone: (+98) 21 2270 88 29
Fax: (+98) 21 2271 86 82
E-mail: belarus-iri@apadana.com
Belarus Embassy in Iraq (Visa Consulate in Baghdad)
Address: Babil, Arassat Al-Hindiyah, 929/5/47, Bagdad, Iraq
Phone: (+964) 719-55-65
Fax: (+964) 719-52-28
Belarus Embassy in Ireland (Visa Consulate in Dublin)
Belarus Embassy in Israel (Visa Consulate in Jerusalem)
Address: 3 Reines Street, P.O.B. 11129, Tel Aviv 64381, Israel
Phone: (+972) 3523-1259, (+972) 3523-1069
Fax: (+972) (3) 523-1273
E-mail: israel@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Italy (Visa Consulate in Rome)
Address: Via delle Alpi Apuane 16, 00141 Roma, Italy
Phone: (+39) 68 20 81 41
Fax: (+39) 68 20 02 309
E-mail: italy@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with J

Belarus Embassy in Jamaica (Visa Consulate in Kingston)
Belarus Embassy in Japan (Visa Consulate in Tokyo)
Address: 4-14-12 Shirogane, Shirogane K House, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0072, Japan
Phone: (+81) (3) 34-48-16-23
Fax: (+81) (3) 34-48-16-24
E-mail: japan@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Jordan (Visa Consulate in Amman)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with K

Belarus Embassy in Kazakhstan (Visa Consulate in Astana)
Address: 473000, Astana, Republic Ave., 17
Phone: (+317) 232 48 29
E-mail: kazakhstan@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Kenya (Visa Consulate in Nairobi)
Belarus Embassy in Kiribati (Visa Consulate in Tarawa Atoll)
Currently we have got no information.

Belarus Embassy in Korea, North (Visa Consulate in Pyongyang)
Belarus Embassy in Korea, South (Visa Consulate in Seoul)
Address: # 432-1636, Shindang-dong, Choong-gu, Seoul, 100-450, Korea
Phone: (+82) 2 223-78-171, (+82) 2 223-78-173
Fax: (+82) (2) 223-78-174
E-mail: korea@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Kosovo (Visa Consulate in Pristina)
Belarus Embassy in Kuwait (Visa Consulate in Kuwait City)
Belarus Embassy in Kyrgyzstan (Visa Consulate in Bishkek)
Address: 720040 Bishkek, Moscow str., 210
Phone: (+996) 312 65 13 65
Fax: (+996_ 312 65 11 77
E-mail: kyrgyzstan@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with L

Belarus Embassy in Laos (Visa Consulate in Vientiane)
Belarus Embassy in Latvia (Visa Consulate in Riga)
Address: 18-th November Str., 44, Daugavpils, Latvia LV 5403
Phone: (+371) 6 542 09 65
Fax: (+371) 6 542 61 45
E-mail: daugavpils@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Lebanon (Visa Consulate in Beirut)
Belarus Embassy in Lesotho (Visa Consulate in Maseru)
Unfortunately, no information is available at this moment.

Belarus Embassy in Liberia (Visa Consulate in Monrovia)
Belarus Embassy in Libya (Visa Consulate in Tripoli)
Address: P.O.Box 1530, Tripoli, Libya
Phone: (+218) 21 361 25 55, (+218) 21 361 42 97, (+218) 21 361 63 16
Fax: (+218) 21 361 42 98
E-mail: libya@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Liechtenstein (Visa Consulate in Vaduz)
Belarus Embassy in Lithuania (Visa Consulate in Vilnius)
Address: Mindaugo g. 13, 03225 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: (+370) 5 266 22 00, (+370) 5 266 22 11
Fax: (3702) 25-16-62
E-mail: bpl@post.5ci.lt, lithuania@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Luxembourg (Visa Consulate in Luxembourg)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with M

Belarus Embassy in Macedonia (Visa Consulate in Skopje)
Belarus Embassy in Madagascar (Visa Consulate in Antananarivo)
Belarus Embassy in Malawi (Visa Consulate in Lilongwe)
Unfortunately, we have no info at this moment.

Belarus Embassy in Malaysia (Visa Consulate in Kuala Lumpur)
Belarus Embassy in Maldives (Visa Consulate in Male)
Belarus Embassy in Mali (Visa Consulate in Bamako)
Belarus Embassy in Malta (Visa Consulate in Valletta)
Belarus Embassy in Marshall Islands (Visa Consulate in Majuro)
Belarus Embassy in Mauritania (Visa Consulate in Nouakchott)
Belarus Embassy in Mauritius (Visa Consulate in Port Louis)
No information is available at this moment.

Belarus Embassy in Mexico (Visa Consulate in Mexico City)
Belarus Embassy in Moldova (Visa Consulate in Chisinau)
Address: 35, Maciejevich st., D 2001, Chisinau, Moldova
Phone: (+373) 22 60 29 70, (+373) 22 60 29 80
Fax: (+373) 22 23 83 00
E-mail: moldova@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassy in Monaco (Visa Consulate in Monaco)
Belarus Embassy in Mongolia (Visa Consulate in Ulaanbaatar)
Belarus Embassy in Montenegro (Visa Consulate in Podgorica)
Belarus Embassy in Morocco (Visa Consulate in Rabat)
Belarus Embassy in Mozambique (Visa Consulate in Maputo)
Belarus Embassy in Myanmar Burma (Visa Consulate in Rangoon Yangon Naypyidaw)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with N

Belarus Embassy in Namibia (Visa Consulate in Windhoek)
Belarus Embassy in Nepal (Visa Consulate in Kathmandu)
Belarus Embassy in Netherlands (Visa Consulate in Amsterdam)
Address: Anna Paulownastraat 34, 2518 BE The Hague, Postbox 18519, 2502 EM
Phone: 070 302 80 30
Fax: 070 364 05 55
E-mail: info@witrusland.com
Belarus Embassy in New Zealand (Visa Consulate in Wellington)
Belarus Embassy in Nicaragua (Visa Consulate in Managua)
Belarus Embassy in Niger (Visa Consulate in Niamey)
Belarus Embassy in Nigeria (Visa Consulate in Abuja)
Nigerian citizens may apply for Belarus visa or in the Airport or in neighbor countries.

Belarus Embassy in Norway (Visa Consulate in Oslo)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with O

Belarus Embassy in Oman (Visa Consulate in Muscat)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with P

Belarus Embassy in Pakistan (Visa Consulate in Islamabad)
Belarus Embassy in Palau (Visa Consulate in Melekeok)
No info is present at this moment.

Belarus Embassy in Panama (Visa Consulate in Panama City)
Belarus Embassy in Papua New Guinea (Visa Consulate in Port Moresby)
Belarus Embassy in Paraguay (Visa Consulate in Asuncion)
Belarus Embassy in Peru (Visa Consulate in Lima)
Belarus Embassy in Philippines (Visa Consulate in Manila)
Belarus Embassy in Poland (Visa Consulate in Warsaw)
Address: Wiertnicza 58, 02-952 Warszawa, Poland
Phone: (+48) 22 742-0990, (+48) 22 842-5202
Fax: (+48) 22 742-0980
E-mail: poland@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Portugal (Visa Consulate in Lisbon)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with Q

Belarus Embassy in Qatar (Visa Consulate in Doha)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with R

Belarus Embassy in Romania (Visa Consulate in Bucharest)
Address: Str.Tuberozelor, 6, sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania
Phone: (+40) 21 223 17 76, (+40) 21 222 42 88
Fax: (+40) 21 223 17 63
E-mail: romania@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Russia (Visa Consulate in Moscow)
Address: 101990, Moscow, Maroseyka str., 17/6
Phone: +7 (495) 777-66-44
Fax: +7 (495) 7776633, +7 (495) 628640
E-mail: mail@embassybel.ru
Belarus Embassy in Rwanda (Visa Consulate in Kigali)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with S

Belarus Embassy in Samoa (Visa Consulate in Apia)
Belarus Embassy in San Marino (Visa Consulate in San Marino)
Belarus Embassy in Sao Tome and Principe (Visa Consulate in Sao Tome)
We have no info available at this moment.

Belarus Embassy in Saudi Arabia (Visa Consulate in Riyadh)
Belarus Embassy in Senegal (Visa Consulate in Dakar)
Belarus Embassy in Serbia (Visa Consulate in Belgrade)
Address: 11000 Belgrad, ul.Deligradska 13
Phone: (+381) 11 36 16 938
Fax: (+381) 11 36 16 836
E-mail: sam@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Seychelles (Visa Consulate in Victoria)
Belarus Embassy in Sierra Leone (Visa Consulate in Freetown)
Belarus Embassy in Singapore (Visa Consulate in Singapore)
Belarus Embassy in Slovakia (Visa Consulate in Bratislava)
Address: Kuzmanyho 3/A, 811 02 Bratislava 1, Slovakia
Phone: (+421) 2 622 50 152
Fax: (+421) 2 628 02 026
E-mail: slovakia@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Slovenia (Visa Consulate in Ljubljana)
Belarus Embassy in Solomon Islands (Visa Consulate in Honiara)
Belarus Embassy in Somalia (Visa Consulate in Mogadishu)
Belarus Embassy in South Africa (Visa Consulate in Pretoria)
Address: 327 Hill Street, Arcadia, Pretoria 0083 South Africa P.O.Box 4107, Pretoria 0001, South Africa
Phone: (+271) 2 430 77 09,430 76 64,430 77 07
Fax: (+271) 2 342 62 80
E-mail: sa@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Spain (Visa Consulate in Madrid)
Belarus Embassy in Sri Lanka (Visa Consulate in Colombo)
Belarus Embassy in Sudan (Visa Consulate in Khartoum)
Belarus Embassy in Suriname (Visa Consulate in Paramaribo)
Belarus Embassy in Swaziland (Visa Consulate in Mbabane)
Belarus Embassy in Sweden (Visa Consulate in Stockholm)
Address: Herserudsvagen 5, 4th floor, 181 34 Lidingo/Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: (+468) 731-57-45
Fax: (+468) 731-57-46
E-mail: sweden@belembassy.org,belarusembassy@telia.com
Belarus Embassy in Switzerland (Visa Consulate in Bern)
Address: Quartierweg 6, 3074 Muri bei Bern, Switzerland
Phone: (+41) 31 952 79 14
Fax: (+41) 31 952 76 16
E-mail swiss@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Syria (Visa Consulate in Damascus)
Address: Mezzeh East Villas, 27 Quartaja str., P.O. Box: 16239, Damascus, Syria
Phone: (+963) 11 611-80-97, (+963) 11 611-80-98
Fax: (+963) 11 613-28-02
E-mail: syria@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with T

Belarus Embassy in Taiwan (Visa Consulate in Taipei)
Belarus Embassy in Tajikistan (Visa Consulate in Dushanbe)
Belarus Embassy in Tanzania (Visa Consulate in Dar es Salaam)
Belarus Embassy in Thailand (Visa Consulate in Bangkok)
Belarus Embassy in Togo (Visa Consulate in Lome)
Belarus Embassy in Tonga (Visa Consulate in Nuku’alofa)
Unfortunately, no information can be given at this moment.

Belarus Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago (Visa Consulate in Port-of-Spain)
Belarus Embassy in Tunisia (Visa Consulate in Tunis)
Belarus Embassy in Turkey (Visa Consulate in Ankara)
Address: Abidin Daver Sokak № 17, 06550, Cankaya, Ankara,Turkey
Phone: (+90) 312 441 67 69, (+90) 312 441 67 70
Fax: (+90) 312 441 66 74
E-mail: turkey@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Turkmenistan (Visa Consulate in Ashgabat)
Address: Ashgabat, Gorky str., 51
Phone: (+993) 12 33 11 83, (+993) 12 33 11 84
Fax: (+993) 12 33 11 85
E-mail: turkmenistan@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with U

Belarus Embassy in Uganda (Visa Consulate in Kampala)
Belarus Embassy in Ukraine (Visa Consulate in Kyiv)
Address: 252010, Kiev-10, Sichnevoho povstannia st., Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: (+38) 044 537 52 00
Fax: (+38) 044 537 52 13
Email: ukr@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in United Arab Emirates (Visa Consulate in Abu Dhabi)
Address: Villa 434, 26th Street, Al Rouda Area, P.O.Box 30337 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Phone: (+971) 2 445 33 99
Fax: (+971) 2 445 11 31
E-mail belembas@emirates.net.ae
Belarus Embassy in United Kingdom (Visa Consulate in London)
Address: 6 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL
Phone: (+44) 207 937 32 88
Fax: (+44) 207 361 00 05
E-mail: uk@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in United States of America (Visa Consulate in Washington DC)
Address: 1619 New Hampshire Avenue, NW 20009, Washigton
Phone: (+1) 202-986-1604
Fax: (+1) 202-986-1805
E-mail: usa@belarusembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in United States of America (Visa Consulate in New York)
Address: 708 Third Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10017
Phone: (+1) 212-682-5392
Fax: (+1) 212-682-5491
Email: gcny@belembassy.org
Belarus Embassy in Uruguay (Visa Consulate in Montevideo)
Belarus Embassy in Uzbekistan (Visa Consulate in Tashkent)
Address: 75, Gulyamova str., 700047, Tashkent
Phone: (+998) 90 182 61 35, (+998) 71 120 75 11
Fax: (+998) 71 120 72 53

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with V

Belarus Embassy in Vanuatu (Visa Consulate in Port-Vila)
No practical help is available at this moment.

Belarus Embassy in Venezuela (Visa Consulate in Caracas)
Address: Caracas, Venezuela
Phone: (+584) 123 212 002
E-mail: venembassy@yandex.ru
Belarus Embassy in Vietnam (Visa Consulate in Hanoi)
Address: 52, Tay Ho Road, Tay Ho Distr., Hanoi, Viet Nam
Phone: (+84) 4829 04 94
Fax: (+84) 4719 71 25
E-mail: vietnam@belembassy.org

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with Y

Belarus Embassy in Yemen (Visa Consulate in Sanaa)

Belarus Embassies in Countries starting with Z

Belarus Embassy in Zambia (Visa Consulate in Lusaka)
Zambia Citizens can claim their visa in the closest Consulate of Belarus or in Minsk in the Airport.

Belarus Embassy in Zimbabwe (Visa Consulate in Harare)
Travelers from Zimbabwe are advised to submit the documents for visa in the closest Consulate of Belarus or in the Minsk-2 Airport.