Study in Belarus

Are you interested in studies in Belarus?
If yes, please, read some important facts about studying in Belarus:

  • high education level in IT, Physics, Foreign Languages, Economics, Medicine
  • Russian language is required in most of the universities thus preparatory course is needed
  • Belarus has many foreign students thus the admission procedures are rather smooth and clear
  • relatively cheap prices for a study year starting at 1200 euro
  • lower prices for living, i.e. rent and food expenses start at 300 euro per month
  • Belarus university diplomas are highly recognized in the world, especially in applied sciences
  • finding a job after finishing the university is 99% guaranteed in the first month of search and 100% after first 3 months
  • most of the foreign students need a study visa to enter Belarus. Study visa can be obtained if you enrolled in university or courses (i.e. Russian Language course).
  • there are no scholarships for studies

When consider Belarus for coming to study, please, be aware of the fact mentioned above that you need to know Russian. What to do if you do not know it? The answer is preparatory course of Russian language.

The process looks like this:
- you apply for preparatory course of Russian language with us by sending the request to us
- we take care of your application being approved in the leading school and enroll you for the period that you choose. At this point there will be a need of your study certificate or diploma copies. At the same time you we can apply for pre-approval at some university for the programs of your choice.
- if you are enrolled, then we have a contract to be signed and the payment to be done
- we send you the package of the documents and you apply for your study visa at the embassy of Belarus in your country or in neighbor countries.
- we meet you upon your arrival and help you do the formalities to finis h the enrollment and place you in a dormitory of the university or to an apartment.
- while you are studying you can learn more about universities and possibilities of study and start applying for the programs of your choice, enter the preferred university, extend your study visa. We will help you on your way.