Translation Service


Each tourist that comes to Belarus always wonders why there is almost no information in other languages, no city guides, people tend to speak only Russian/Belarusian. You may expect only a certain English level knowledge and this applies to young people.

We offer translation services. Our prices are:

-english 10 eur/hr

-deutsch 12 eur/hr

-italiano 12 eur/hr

-espa?ol 12 eur/hr

-fran?ais 12 eur/hr

These prices are very advantageous if you take into account that the price in Minsk for 1 hour interperting starts from 15 euro.


You came to Minsk, you are enjoying your stay, but there is only one little trouble – nobody understands you. That’s true, most people in Belarus speak only Russian or Belarusian. ¬†It wouldn’t be such a big inconvenience¬† if service personnel spoke English, but they don’t even try to.

That’s why we can be useful to you. Our nice-looking guides can accompany you to any place you wish. They will speak the language you prefer to speak, they will remain silent in case you want to enjoy the silence.

The price is flexible and can be discussed. Please, feel free to contact us for further information.