VIP Service

If you want to have incredible memories from visiting Belarus, we’ll be glad to offer you something special. We are happy to present you VIP service for our clients, which includes exquisite offers, extraordinary tours for the most demanding taste.
1) 24h assistance
If you don’t want to be left alone in the city where you’re just a tourist and don’t know anyone or if you feel you may need help to work out some problems or business questions and avoid weird situations we’re ready to become your personal nanny. No, it’s not a joke! Of course we won’t tell you what is good and what is bad. But we’ll be glad to give you some useful advice, show you the city, help you to lead business meetings, keep you company in a restaurant or theater. In brief, we’ll make all your dreams come true. You can call us 24 hours a day and tell what you are up to. We’ll take care of the rest. If you book this service all your problems and worries will become ours, because our main objective is to make your stay in Minsk as pleasant as possible!

1 day – 100 euros
3 days – 250 euros
7 days – 500 euros

2) Hunting, Fishing
Belarus is very popular for hunting and fishing, there are lots of lakes , forests, wild animals and fishes. We can organize for you one-day tour or special tours of 3-4 days when you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful nature and excitement. Every tour is very individual , that’s why we can’t give you exact price and prepared offers. Beside this, you should know that hunting and fishing depend on the season, weather and location. Feel free to contact us for more information, we’ll find you best deal for reasonable price!

3) Paintball
One of the most popular games among men in the 21 century is paint-ball. It gives you so much adrenaline and energy that it’s really fascinating. In Minsk there are lots of special paint-ball clubs, where you can try your strength.
Normal price for one paint-ball game is around 40 euros. The price is indicated for one person, minimum number of people must be 8 or over.

4) Flights in a helicopter
Do you want to know how does it feel to fly in a helicopter? Best way to find out is to fly on your own!!! How? Very easy! We can organize for you a personal flight in Robinson R44, maximum capacity of this helicopter is 4 people (including the instructor) . Only imagine: you can take with you close friends, incredible girls, create your own itinerary and destination. If you want we can take you in this helicopter to a fishing or hunting place, nice hotel lost in the forest far away from city or any other place you choose.

Technical characteristics of this helicopter:
Мaximum speed 240 km/h
Маximum flight distance 650 km
Маximum time of the flight 3 hours
Маximum height during the flight 4250 m
Flights can be organized every day before the sunset except Monday. You should book the flight not later than 2 days before the flight.
The price for one hour of flight is about 500 euro, regardless of the number of people.