Belarus Visa Service

visa_to_belarusWhen you decide to visit Belarus, please, keep in mind that a visa is required to come to Belarus.

There are common steps to follow in order to get your visa to Belarus asap:

1. Learn Belarus visa requirements and types of visas that can be issued.

There are 3 main types of Belarus visas: short-term, long-term and transit.

In order to get long-term private visa (up to 90 days within a year) you must have a relative citizen of Belarus or be owner of a residence in Belarus. For long-term business visa you will have to submit a written request by Belarus company you are going to work with.
For getting transit visa (up to 48 hours), a visa of the country of main destination is required.
For a short-term private visa (up to 90 days, single, double or multiple entries), you should get an original invitation letter from a person you are supposedly intended to visit. This invitation letter is issued by a local citizenship/migration office of the Ministry of Interior of Belarus. The request for invitation is processed by local authorities in 1 month. After the invitation is obtained, it is sent (the original, not a copy) to the tourist.
For a short-term tourist visa (up to 30 days, short-term single or double entry), you need to submit a written request by a Belarus tourist company – so-called tourist voucher, that proves that you had booked a hotel and paid some other services of this tourist company.
Both variants are a bit inconvenient, as in the first case you should wait for, at least, 1 month, in the second case you should overpay services you don’t really need (hotel rates are at least 15% higher), but which are used only as a ground of applying for Belarus visa.

2. Check if there is a Belarusian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Check now
The reason to check is that Belarusian visa can be obtained in Belarusian Embassy or Consulate in the homeland of a tourist, or upon arrival in Minsk Airport-2. The fee for visa issued by the consular office at the airport is a bit higher, though your Belarus Visa can be done at the spot. Belarusian Consulate, as a rule, issues a visa in 5 working days, but in urgent cases you can pay double fee and get your Belarus visa in 48 hours.

3. More safe and secure way is to obtain it in your country of residence, so you need to contact the embassy or consulate for required documents, visa fees and processing time.  When you apply for Belarus visa you should submit your passport (with at least one page blank for visa), your recent passport-size photo, application form carefully and completely filled out and supporting documents depending on the nature of the visit.  At this time we come in play and can help you to obtain the official invitation for private visit Belarus visa or the tourist voucher for tourist visa.

Belarus Travel Services offers Belarus visa support without any additional requirement like obligatory hotel booking with us. We provide you with not only the documents you paid for, but also step-by-step instructions and advices on your visa procedure.The fee varies and depends the country of your origin and on how urgent the request is.

If you have any question, please, contact our support.